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Traffic Construction Map April 2021

North Medical Drive Construction Project

Beginning in September 2020, commuters can expect to see lane closures and possible traffic delays from the Mario Capecchi Drive intersection up to HCI. The goal is to keep two lanes open heading east and one lane open heading west at all times. Still, it would be wise for North Medical Drive commuters to insert 10-15 extra minutes into their travel plans.

The North Medical Drive project will create a number of improvements to the roads and nearby parking options. 

  • At the Mario Capecchi intersection, additional turning lanes will be added to ease congestion.
  • A new parking garage will be built adjacent to the already-under-construction Kathryn F. Kirk Center for Comprehensive Cancer Care and Women’s Cancers. This new garage will offer over 1,000 new parking stalls. The garage will feature a lowered roadway entrance, as well as a pedestrian connector to University Hospital so people on foot can avoid the traffic on North Medical Drive.
  • Traffic circles will be added at the entrance to University Hospital and the entrance to the new parking garage.
  • The North Medical Parking Garage located next to University Hospital, otherwise known as Lot 50, is also part of this project. The process will begin with the relocation of the garage entrances off of North Medical Drive.

The aim of the North Medical Drive Project will be to improve travel and parking to University Hospital for both patients and employees. That said, the construction will represent a temporary disruption while the work is being done. It is anticipated that the work will be fully completed within three years.

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